Become Green with LKW.  The most cost effective way to become energy efficient is by managing the energy you use (called Demand Side Management.) LKW offers the most advanced and comprehensive lighting energy audit available anywhere.

LKW’s Belief in Demand Side Management.

LKW believes it is important for customers to have a broad and diverse energy saving portfolio, balancing a wide range of energy saving devices thus reducing ones Energy footprint. With our proprietary energy analysis software we will help you begin the transition to high intensity LED Lights. This is the most effective way to begin saving energy and reduce your footprint L KW has chosen the highest quality and brightest available LED lights in the Industry. Our super Bright 60,000 + Hour LED’s can save 30%-70% more energy than lights currently used in most applications. Our LED’s have a wide range of applications including the following:

  • 4′ fluorescent replacements (uses existing fixtures)
  • High and low bays
  • Street lights
  • Billboard lights
  • Flood lights
  • Recess can lights

Cities have been retrofitting street lights, police cars and fire trucks for over five years. Now we can replace almost every light with LED’s.

LED Lighting For Your Business