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Lower Kilowatts LLP

Bill Gridley LowerkilowattsPresident:   Bill Gridley
Office Phone:   800-984-6709
Cell Phone:   608-290-6404
Email:   LEDsave@gmail.com

LKW’s very existence depends upon the qualifications of its staff. In fact, LKW is its staff – nothing more and nothing less. Accordingly, we will, both as individuals and as a company, maintain an active professional growth program. Over our 35 years of experience in lighting, we have provided energy saving products and complete turnkey installations to thousands of clients and affiliates throughout the U.S.

The knowledge and products that our company offers are very important, but our greatest assets are integrity and customer service. It’s one thing to claim great service, but it’s another to show it. We encourage you to put it to the test by giving us a call. We look forward to making your experience with LED lighting a pleasant one.